I’ve heard the album and, save for anything Gord (Lightfoot) has done, this is the best album anyone in Orillia has produced....I have a few albums like that, Dark Side of the Moon...Moving Pictures, A couple Tower of Power albums, some Zeppelin, Chicago.... Butterfly Tongue Revisited now holds that distinction in my collection now”

John Swartz - Sun Online Media

Their outstanding debut Butterfly Tongue Revisited...Timeless rock for our times...Old-school, organic, authentic, grounded, groovy, warm, intoxicating, accomplished, crafted.”

Darryl Sterdan - Tinnitist

“Lemondrop Girl” is a great new song and video...It’s got this real #Britpop vibe to it, I’m really digging it, can’t wait to hear the complete record.”

Sonic More Music

Butterfly Tongue Revisited is music that grabs you instantly and holds fast.”

Eric Alper

The band uses euphoric melodies and hypnotic rhythms to cocoon their songs in a writing style that is deeply rooted in popsmithery.  There is an incredible sense of space between the instruments yet somehow a heavy thickness of sound simultaneously creating a three dimensional caress to seduce the listeners ears. ”

Butterfly Tongue Revisited 

Debut album from REAY available September 6th, 2019.

A conceptual rock album longing to be heard.

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